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Quistis: "You're the squad leader. Good luck to you."
Seifer: "... Instructor. I hate it when people wish me luck. Save those words for a bad student who needs them, eh?"
Quistis: "OK, then. Good luck, Seifer."

This is a club dedicated to the Quistis Trêpe + Seifer Almásy pairing.

:+favlove: Quistis and Seifer are two characters from the PlayStation RPG Final Fantasy VIII.
They're the same age (18), and they spent their early childhood years together in an orphanage run by Edea and Cid Kramer on the Centra Continent.
When Seifer was about 6 years old, he was sent to a military academy called Balamb GARDEN to study and eventually become a SeeD (peace-keeping/-enforcing mercenary). This, however, didn't work out too well for him. Always a trouble-maker, despising authorities and bullying his peers, he became known as a "problem child". He found friendship in only two other GARDEN students: the small-framed yet hardened Fū[jin] and the brawny yet naive Rai[jin], who accepted him as their leader. Together they formed the Balamb GARDEN Disciplinary Committee - or "posse", as they preferred to call themselves - whose mission was to maintain an ordered and disciplined atmosphere within the GARDEN. Mind you, the D.C. Posse were probably the ones who needed to be "disciplined"; they abused their power (which, to start with, had likely been bestowed upon them in order to teach them a sense of responsibility), arbitrarily giving out detentions and punishments left, right and centre. Zell Dincht, another orphan from the Centra Orphanage (although at the time Seifer didn't remember him, and he didn't remember Seifer), was constantly targeted (probably due to lingering feelings of resentment that they had had towards each other since their time at the orphanage).
Quistis was, unlike Seifer, adopted. At age 10, however, she too came to Balamb GARDEN, as her adoptive family for some reason could no longer care for her. From this point, things worked out much better for her than they had for Seifer; she excelled in her studies, and at age 15 she was one of the youngest students ever to pass the SeeD exams (whereas Seifer never at all came close to graduating, much due to his "issues"). Then, at age 17, she received her Instructing license. She is now one of the few people that Seifer cannot bully; he has tried - albeit half-heartedly - but she wouldn't have it.

It is not revealed in the game whether the two ever had any romantic feelings for each other, but it is hinted, however discreetly, that they might have, by the way they talk to each other.

If you're a fan of Quistis and Seifer, this is the club for you!

:groups: How to Join:
Click on the "Join Our Group" button!
:+favlove: the 'SHIPPERS
Our members.

:groups: How to Submit Art:
As soon as you're a member, you may submit art to our gallery. Just click on the "Submit Art" button and follow the instructions. Your pieces will remain in the Featured folder and also be copied to the appropriate sub-folders by the admin.
(Note: We reserve the right to refuse/delete submissions of questionable/insincere nature. Thus, any attempts to ridicule this club via such means will be futile.)

:bulletred: This club only accepts ORIGINAL FAN-ART!
This means that any art that you submit must be entirely yours, otherwise we will unceremoniously reject/delete it.
We do NOT accept the following:
  • Copied art: Pieces created with the intent to make them look like already existing pieces made by an/other artist/s.
    Clarification: Copying: any attempt to make a piece of art that looks exactly like another piece of art, whether this attempt is successful or not; i.e. the attempt to copy is in itself what defines it as copying, even if the attempt is not successful. Thus, whether a piece is a copy or not lies in the intent, not the method (tracing etc.) or the result (a bad copy is still a copy).
  • Official art: Pieces created for and/or by Square-Enix and their affiliates, whether edited/manipulated or unedited. This includes screen-shots that you have taken whilst playing as well as wallpapers and "de/motivational" posters that you have "made" by using the official art.
  • Pixel dolls: Pieces created upon templates, or "bases", unless these templates were also created by you.
  • Art by non-members: Pieces created by deviants who are not members of the club; deviations by non-members belong in our Favourites.
    (BEWARE: A piece suggested to be added to our Favourites is more likely to be denied if the suggester and the creator of the piece are the same person. Honestly, if you want your piece to be in our gallery, join the club and submit it to our main gallery.)

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